How to make money in Louisiana business development

It's been a little over two years since the Louisiana Business Development Association (LBDDA) was formed, and now Louisiana is in the midst of a major transition.The LBDDA is a small, nonprofit group that has worked in partnership with some of the most innovative and innovative businesses in the state.The organization has been able to tap into Louisiana's massive talent

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Abbot is getting a $1.6 billion $2 billion deal with an unnamed Australian partner

A $1 billion deal between Abbot and an unnamed Canadian company is about to come to fruition, the Wall Street Journal reports.The Australian company, which Abbot had partnered with for about two years, is also a major player in Australia's hospitality industry.The announcement comes amid the recent push by Abbot to diversify its portfolio."The company has been focused on the

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How to create your own spa business using Photoshop, Sketch and Instagram

Business Insider is a popular online marketplace for business owners looking to expand their business, and the first thing they do is look at their portfolios of business ideas. One thing they'll notice is that they're missing some important features. "They've taken everything and made it look so complicated, that it's very hard to make a good business," said Jessica, a mom

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