Niagara business development conference opens for business

NEW YORK, United States--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Niagara Business Development Conference 2017, held on April 10-11, 2017, is a unique opportunity for businesses across the Niagara Region to learn from industry experts and to engage in the innovation that makes Niagara a premier destination for business and job creation.The Niagara Business Development conference, hosted by the Niagara Chamber of Commerce and Niagara Falls

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How to get a top job at a $1 billion Ontario hotel developer

By James Sorensen, The Canadian PressRead moreA few weeks ago, the Ontario Liberal government announced a $100 million investment in a $250 million hotel development in Niagara Falls.The project will bring 50 hotel rooms to the Niagara Peninsula, but only 40 of those will be occupied by Canadian guests.It will also allow for a hotel at the Niagara River's shoreline.The

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