How President Trump has gutted business development programs

President Trump's administration has gutting business development grants, which were established to support small businesses.In the first half of this year, the Trump administration cut the budget of Business Development Corporation, which helps small businesses get loans, expand their workforce, and hire people.The $30 million in funding for the program was slashed from $500 million to $350 million, which means

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How to become a successful entrepreneur

Nathan Bieler, a partner in the San Francisco-based Bielers business development company, has been working on the idea for several years.But the idea of turning an idea into a business hasn't quite panned out."The biggest challenge that I've had is convincing the people that you have a product, that you are actually going to have a profitable business, and you

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Biopharma Business Development: Aurora Business Development steps to make its Aurora product more competitive

Aurora, CO--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Aurora Biopharmaceuticals today announced the following changes to its business development: Aurora Biotech announced today that it is partnering with the leading research organization in the world to help accelerate the development of the first phase of its Phase 1B biopharmacare development program, Aurora Phase 1.The Aurora Phase 2 program will provide Aurora with the capability to

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When does the company’s first major milestone come?

It's a day after Polygon first reported that Google would be releasing its first major software milestone on March 6.The timing could be coincidental or the company has just announced a new version of Android, though we've heard of some reports of an imminent release.The first major release of Google's mobile OS is expected to be Android 4.0 Lollipop.The OS

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