Abbot is getting a $1.6 billion $2 billion deal with an unnamed Australian partner

A $1 billion deal between Abbot and an unnamed Canadian company is about to come to fruition, the Wall Street Journal reports.The Australian company, which Abbot had partnered with for about two years, is also a major player in Australia's hospitality industry.The announcement comes amid the recent push by Abbot to diversify its portfolio."The company has been focused on the

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New York City’s first-ever “Uber for Uber” pilot program ends with a lawsuit

The city's first pilot program to test ride-sharing app Uber's new "Uber-style" business development and business development team is now over with a settlement agreement.Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, who led the effort to set up the pilot program, said that his company "accepts the settlement and respects its terms," according to a statement.He also said the program was a success,

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How to grow your new business from the ground up

Businesses need to be able to thrive from the bottom up.That means building up the foundations of your business first, then building out the business as you see fit.But this doesn't mean doing everything from scratch.So, how do you do it right?And how do the best practices from businesses around the world apply to your business?Start Here With The Best

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