Amazon is offering a new “voice assistant” to the world in Amazon Echo.

The device, known as Alexa, will be available on July 22 and it will be able to recognize your voice commands.

“The voice assistant can recognize what you’re saying and tell you to perform an action,” said Rob Siegel, director of product development at Amazon.

The assistant will also be able access your Amazon Payments history, read email, and perform a variety of other services.

“We are excited to give Alexa the opportunity to be a true partner with Google,” said Dan Schulte, CEO of Alexa.

“Voice assistants are a powerful platform for our customers to engage with our products and services.”

The company has been testing the voice assistant for the last year, and the company has also been working with Google to create a product that will work with the Google Assistant.

“Google has been incredibly helpful with all of the early prototypes,” said David Farr, vice president of product management at Google.

“Alexa is an extension of Google Assistant and we are excited that Amazon will be joining the Google family.”

Amazon Alexa can be purchased for $159.99 from the Amazon site.

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