Business development jobs for Montana can often pay as little as $15 an hour.

But it pays to be creative and to think outside the box.

That’s what Montana’s business development office, Business Development Corp., is trying to do with its latest jobs creation program.

The Montana Business Development Agency’s $1 million program will award jobs at a variety of companies.

It’s the first in the state and the first of its kind.

It is being done to boost job growth and create a more diversified workforce.

The office will be in the Montana Economic Development Center at the University of Montana, which houses the Montana School of Mines and is home to some of the state’s largest and most successful technology companies.

The program will create more than 1,000 jobs, said Mark Burdick, the agency’s chief operating officer.

It will allow Montana businesses to take advantage of a statewide tax break, a competitive wage tax credit and state tax incentives.

Businesses will have to offer at least $15,000 in compensation to employees.

The money goes toward capital expenditures and the salaries of the company’s employees.

The first group of applications will be accepted from August, and applications will close on Feb. 2.

Those interested in a job in a new technology firm can submit their applications now, said Julie Johnson, the office’s program manager.

The office expects to fill at least one-third of the positions.

It has awarded about a dozen jobs to companies.

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