The WA Government’s $15 billion economic strategy needs to be a blueprint for growth, not a blueprint to stop it from falling into recession, a WA business development officer has said.

Key points: The WA Business Development Strategy is to be unveiled this week in Perth The strategy, which aims to create 100,000 new jobs, is to build on the success of the WA Labor government’s successful regional growth plan The strategy is to have a $1.8 billion investment in WA’s manufacturing sector, as well as infrastructure investments in areas like the North-West and South-West regionsThe WA Government has released the new economic strategy for the state this week.

The State Government says the strategy will be a guide to what’s needed for WA to become a global leader in manufacturing.

And Business Development Officer Chris Nolte says the plan will provide “good policy guidance” to the WA Government, the private sector and the private capital market.

“The key point is to take good policy advice from the previous Government and the Labor Government,” Mr Noltes said.

“It’s the first time that the WA Business Plan has been released in more than 20 years.”

Mr Noltson says the WA business plan will show the WA economy has been “a bit of a mystery” for the past decade.

He says it will help businesses create jobs and stimulate the economy, but will also create jobs for people.

Welfare reforms ‘not the answer’ for WA’s economy The WA strategy will also include a number of welfare reforms, including a review of the Disability Support Pension scheme and the introduction of the “revenue neutral” Goods and Services Tax.

It will also set out plans to invest in infrastructure, education, health and housing, and provide additional cash for the states welfare system.

Mr Dutton said while the WA plan would help WA’s economic recovery, he hoped that was not a “one-size-fits-all” approach.

”We need to look at all the aspects of the economy and make sure we’re creating good jobs for our people,” Mr Dutton told the ABC’s WA Today.

But WA Business Minister Rob Stokes said the plan would not “endear us to our friends overseas”.

“We’re in the global economy and we want to be the best in the world,” he said.

”We’re not going to be satisfied with a one-size fits-all approach to the business case.

“The WA Business Strategy is expected to include a $200 million investment in manufacturing in the North and South West regions, as part of a wider strategy to create 400,000 jobs.

Business Minister Rob Scott said he hoped the strategy would stimulate the state’s manufacturing industry, while also creating a “strong foundation” for other regions.

His comments came after the WA Premier announced $5 million for a manufacturing apprenticeship scheme, as the Government looks to attract more manufacturing jobs.

Mr Scott said the apprenticeship would provide training for the future workers of WA.

Opposition Leader Matthew Guy said WA was not the “gold standard” in manufacturing and he wanted the WA strategy to focus on the state.

If the WA economic strategy was to be used for other states, he said it would “be a disgrace”.

He also accused Mr Durden of using “politically motivated” comments.

Federal Labor is also calling for WA Government to release the plan to the public ahead of its rollout in January.


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