The UK government is working on an industry strategy that will outline how it will use cloud computing to boost the country’s economy, according to an industry source.

The strategy will be unveiled by the government in the coming weeks, and will set out the countrys plans for the cloud, the source told the Guardian.

“We are very keen to see that we can provide the best cloud services for the most people at the lowest cost,” the source said.

Under the plan, the UK government will provide access to the world’s biggest cloud services to businesses and public bodies, while also working with tech companies to develop cloud-based applications for public and private sectors.

In addition, the strategy will set the minimum standard for cloud services.

“It will make the cloud a reality,” the Government Cloud initiative document said.

“The UK will be at the forefront of a new era of economic growth and prosperity.”

In an interview with the Guardian, the industry source said the strategy would “have to work with” the cloud to ensure that services offered to businesses were accessible to the public.

“We will need to work closely with cloud companies to ensure they have the resources to offer cloud-services to businesses in the UK,” he said.

The Government Cloud strategy document says the strategy is “aimed at helping business to compete and improve their customer experience, whilst driving economic growth”.

The document, published by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Skills, outlines a number of steps the government will undertake to “build a UK-wide network of cloud services that are accessible to businesses”.

Among the steps will be to “introduce a cloud licensing scheme to help businesses make better use of their cloud”, “create a cloud service for local councils to offer on-demand cloud services”, “build an online cloud platform for schools to use for their teaching”, and “support local business by making cloud-providing services available to businesses.”

The strategy document also says that government will “implement a cloud-specific strategy to support the growth of businesses that rely on cloud services” and “help to support companies in the cloud with a competitive cloud offering”.

“This strategy will include supporting cloud providers to develop their cloud offerings, offering cloud services on-premises, enabling local councils and government to create cloud-enabled services, and helping companies to take advantage of cloud solutions across the UK and around the world,” the document said, adding that the strategy aims to “support UK businesses to grow and prosper.”

The GovernmentCloud initiative document is expected to be published in April.

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