President Donald Trump is defending his administration’s handling of the crisis in Flint, Michigan, saying it’s the result of “corrupt politics.”

In an interview on “Fox News Sunday” with host Chris Wallace, Trump said the crisis has been caused by “corrosive” politics, but said it has been “totally preventable.”

“You know, if we were really smart, we’d be doing something about it,” Trump said.

“I mean, if you’re going to be corrupt, you’re corrupt.”

Trump also said the United States was moving forward with its efforts to combat the Ebola epidemic and to “get out of the middle east” and said the situation in Syria was a “very, very sad situation.”

“This is a terrible, terrible crisis,” Trump continued.

“And we’re not allowing anybody to take our jobs.”

Trump said his administration has been working closely with the U.N. to address the crisis.

“The U.S. has been leading a great effort to deal with this, which has been very, very tough,” Trump told Wallace.

“This is the worst situation I’ve seen in my lifetime.”

Wallace asked Trump if he would sign an executive order to remove Syrian President Bashar Assad from power.

“I would hope so,” Trump replied.

“Assad is a bad guy.

He’s a bad person.

But I would hope that’s the case.

You know what, if I get rid to be rid of somebody like that, I think I’ll have a very good chance of winning, because they’re bad people.”

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