In 2015, the United States and China agreed to a trade deal worth billions of dollars, a landmark achievement in a region of a half-trillion people where business leaders from both sides are still grappling with the challenges of globalization and the challenges posed by climate change.

The United States is now building a $200 billion business-development initiative that will help businesses and communities across the world adapt to the pressures of climate change and the rapid expansion of China’s burgeoning middle class.

The partnership with China’s State Councilor Xi Jinping’s office aims to help China build the next generation of business leaders who will drive economic growth and create jobs. 

“China’s middle class is expanding faster than anyone imagined,” said the State Council’s Xie Zhenhua.

“And this initiative is about creating the next generations of entrepreneurs who will shape the future of the Chinese economy.”

China is building a new business-creation center in a major urban center. 

The State Council recently announced that the new center, called the National Innovation Center for Climate Change (CNCC) will focus on three areas: energy, food and sustainability. 

At the center, the State CMs Climate Center will build on the knowledge and experience of the CNCC, the Beijing University of Science and Technology and the China Institute of International Studies, and the National Science Foundation. 

CNCCs goal is to create new middle class leaders and catalyze Chinese businesses to make sustainable business decisions, which will help China to grow more quickly. 

China is also investing $2.3 billion to support climate adaptation and mitigation in China, including $250 million for the National Green Technology Laboratory and $50 million for Climate Engineering. 

 China has committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 30% to 40% by 2030 and by 50% to 60% by 2050. 

For China’s climate change strategy, the government has set up a special Climate Change Authority with more than 60 experts and is making plans to create an international forum to coordinate the country’s responses to the problem. 

In China, the Climate CMs climate center is part of the National Institute of Clean Energy Technology, which is part-owned by the State Climate Center. 

Scientists from the State Scientific Research Institute of China and the Beijing Academy of Social Sciences will jointly lead the project, which the State Planning Department said is the first in the world to combine research from the two institutes.

The National Science Institute is building an international center to study climate change from the perspective of China, and a State Climate Centre will help facilitate this cooperation.

“The center will create a platform to address international challenges, promote China’s national and international leadership in climate change, and share relevant information on the challenges facing the world, said Xie. 

This project also aims to promote a more integrated climate policy and make China a leader in the international climate cooperation. 

Since it was inaugurated in 2015, CNZC has created more than 1,000 jobs.

The center will serve as a hub for China’s private sector, as well as for other private sector sectors, including technology, agriculture, energy and infrastructure. 

There is also an ambitious plan to create the world’s first climate center that is funded by the US.

The climate center will be the centerpiece of the State Development Council, the Cabinet Office’s main body that manages the countrys development.

The plan to build the center is a step forward for China, which has long lacked an effective climate-change program. 

A climate center in China will also serve as the focal point for the State Science Center, the National Development and Reform Commission and the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry.

The center’s goal is for it to help create the next set of top leaders in climate-related fields. 

It is part, as Xie said, of the China 2020 Vision that the State Plan aims to build.

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