The Business Development Manager (BDM) is a role in the Business Development teams which supports the Business development team to develop, produce and deliver business opportunities to clients and partners.

The role includes overseeing the execution of a range of business development activities, such as providing technical assistance to business owners, providing advice on business development management processes, planning business development projects and advising on new business opportunities.

A Business Development manager will also assist in the implementation of business plan development, strategy, development strategy and the implementation and evaluation of the Business Plan and Strategy.

A BDM will be responsible for managing the business development team’s business development programme.

In addition to this role, the Business Director (BDC) will manage the business plan and Strategy, as well as provide business development guidance and support.

A business development manager will work in an environment of continuous innovation and collaboration to provide business solutions to clients, partners and stakeholders.

The roles are expected to improve and support the business and team’s productivity and efficiency.

Business Development Leader (BDL) – Business Development Director (Business Development Lead) The Business Developer is responsible for the development of the business plans, strategic development strategies and the business business development process.

The Business Manager is responsible, in the absence of a BDM, for ensuring the successful execution of business plans.

The BDL is responsible in the event of an unforeseen business failure, to ensure the effective implementation of the plans and strategy.

The management of a business and the execution and evaluation process are critical to the success of the team.

The key responsibilities of the BDL include: Managing the Business Manager’s business plans and business development strategies

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