The business development section of the Jerusalem Post business development website provides information on the topics covered in its content, including the latest developments in the sector.

The business development guides on the site, which are intended to help businesses establish themselves in Jerusalem, also provide useful information on business practices, marketing and branding, business planning, and tax issues.

The site also offers business development guidance on a variety of topics.

Among the more notable are:How to create sustainable businesses.

The guide covers many different areas of the local economy, including food production, transportation, tourism, and retail. 

Business development guidelines.

Business development guidelines are the guiding principles of the development of a business in Jerusalem.

They are also known as the ‘business blueprint’ or ‘business strategy’ for the purposes of creating an effective business plan.

They are generally written in English and cover a wide range of topics, such as building a business plan, conducting business research, conducting internal audits, and managing a budget.

Business planning guidelines.

These are the building blocks of the business plan for the proposed business venture, which outline the strategy and budget for the business, the main objectives, the goals, the budget and finances, and the schedule.

Business development guides can be found at several different places on the website.

 The Jerusalem Post Business Development Guide is available at and on the official Jerusalem Post website at www,, and through the Jerusalem Business Development Authority (BDA).

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