Ayn R. Rand wrote that “all the great fortunes of this country depend upon the ability to make good deals.”

Today, we take a look at the business development themes of the first two Ayn-Rand books and examine what these books taught us about the value of the free market.

The first book in the series is The Virtue of Selfishness, a book written by Ayn A. Rand, which is a political philosophy.

The second book in her Atlas series is Atlas Shrugged, a political manifesto, which was written by Theodore Roosevelt and which is still the most popular book of the last century.

In this episode of the podcast, I talk to the author of both books about how these books shaped the minds of the founders of our country.

1:00 The book The Virtue Of Selfishnesses, written by Rand.

In the late 1800s, America was on the brink of becoming the world’s leading industrial power.

A country that was one of the richest nations in the world was at a critical moment in its history.

The nation’s prosperity depended on a strong, free, and democratic economy.

Ayn M. Rand is credited with the idea of the market as the most efficient system of economic growth.

The book was published in 1879 and was written in response to the rise of the Whig Party and its attempts to establish a constitutional republic.

She describes how this system had become a tyranny that oppressed the people and used the people as slaves.

The system was founded by a few wealthy men, who were not able to control it.

The Whigs were the leading economic force in the country, but they were also hated by many of the people.

The wealthy businessmen used their influence to build a system that was designed to enrich themselves and enrich themselves alone.

The people were not allowed to vote for the Whigs because they thought they were too wealthy.

The rich, however, would not have the money to buy elections, and many politicians had no idea how to run a democratic society.

Rand’s book provides a powerful example of the value-free market philosophy.

She lays out the principles of the system that she believes should be the guiding principles of a free society.

“All the great riches of this land depend upon making good deals,” Rand wrote.

This book was written for the purposes of the American Revolution and the American Civil War.

“The whole point of the political life of this nation,” Rand continued, “is that it is the business of all to bargain honestly, to bargain with each other in good faith, to make contracts for the common good, and to make known to each other what good they can do.”

“This is the purpose of the Constitution,” she continued.

“It is the only purpose of government.

It is the whole meaning of democracy.

Government is the great, and the best, and only means for securing the liberty of the citizen.”

1:04 What this means in the real world The most important thing about Rand’s ideas is that they were written in the context of a very powerful, well-funded, and influential political party.

She also wrote her book in response, with the Whigg Party, to the efforts of the New York Whigs to establish constitutional government.

This was a time when a lot of people believed that government was an instrument of oppression.

When it came to politics, there were people who believed that the people should decide who the president should be.

There was a lot more of a fear in the minds, the people believed, of the power of the powerful.

There were some who believed in the notion that the state was the servant of the People.

They believed that a state could be destroyed only through the exercise of violence and bloodshed.

Rand believed that if people had to do things by coercion, the results would be disastrous.

She believed that those who wanted to have the government take on the people would find themselves defeated.

The best way to defeat a strongman was to make him weak.

So Rand proposed a system of peaceful, direct negotiation between the people in the marketplace.

“There must be a clear distinction between the interests of the Government, and those of its constituents,” she wrote.

“To make the government stronger, it must make a clear difference between the interest of its members and the interests and wishes of its constituent.

But the Government must be made weak, because in doing so, it will be weakened by its own success.”

Rand’s system was based on the principles she laid out in The Virtue, which emphasized the free exchange of goods and services.

“If the Government can make a good deal for its members,” she said, “then it can make another good deal in its own interest.

And if the Government cannot make a fair deal, then it can always make one better.”

The system Rand proposed was very different from the system we now have in place.

It was based largely on private property rights.

Rand saw a strong economic and political system in America based on a free market

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