IGN’s review of Facebook’s recent acquisition of Oculus VR is a bit of a mixed bag, but I think there’s a lot of potential for something that could be really fun.

The company has a huge potential to be a big force in gaming, and Oculus could potentially create a very powerful platform for the virtual reality experience.

Facebook’s own virtual reality product, Oculus Rift, is designed for people who want to take a virtual reality trip with friends, and its headset is one of the best-looking headsets on the market.

However, Oculus has never built a VR game, which could make building a virtual world around Facebook even harder than it already is.

And while Oculus has been working on Facebook-developed VR experiences in the past, there are still a lot more hurdles that need to be cleared before Facebook is ready to start putting money into VR.

Facebook is a major player in virtual reality, but it’s unclear how much of a success that will be with a company like Oculus.

It’s unclear whether Oculus VR’s technology will be able to compete with Facebook’s in-house software.

It would be great to see Oculus VR take advantage of Facebook as soon as possible, but at this point, there’s no way to know whether Facebook will ever put money into virtual reality.

That said, if Facebook does develop a virtual space, it could make a lot for people, and it would likely be fun.

There’s also a chance that Facebook could take a long-term view on VR, since the company is already building the Oculus Home virtual reality system.

It may not be the perfect platform for VR, but Facebook could help bring a new generation of VR games to the market by creating the right mix of content and features.

Facebook could also make VR apps for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

While these platforms are more similar to Android and iOS in terms of user interface, it would be interesting to see if Facebook could do a better job with its own virtual world, especially since Facebook has been investing heavily in games for Android and Windows.

While Facebook could create a virtual city with its existing Facebook app, it wouldn’t have much use for the Facebook-owned Oculus Home VR platform.

That being said, the Facebook app would be a great way to introduce people to virtual reality to those who haven’t tried it before.

Facebook would also have a strong advantage in building a community around VR, as it already has hundreds of thousands of users who play games and watch videos on Facebook.

It could also leverage the Facebook ecosystem to promote its new VR content, which is already huge.

Facebook has spent a lot on virtual reality in the last year, and the company has some great plans in the works.

For example, Facebook plans to expand its Oculus Home development kit, which would be able offer more advanced virtual reality experiences to users.

It has also announced plans to launch a new app called Oculus Chat, which will let users chat in VR.

It seems like a great platform for virtual reality entertainment, and Facebook could build a community for VR enthusiasts by providing the right kind of content for VR fans to enjoy.

It might be tough for Facebook to compete in the virtual world market right now, but the company could create an opportunity if it wants to create a platform that can be truly useful for the future of VR.

You can read IGN’s full review of Oculus Rift to learn more about how Oculus VR works.

IGN’s Facebook VR review is written by John Hart, who has been writing about gaming for IGN since 2016.

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