Google’s Oculus VR division is looking to make a bigger splash with the new release of its own VR app, and the company has announced it has a very special deal for those who want to help make that happen.

The deal is with Valve, the Valve-owned VR company founded by Gabe Newell.

The new app, called oculus for business, will be available on the company’s platform for free, but it will cost $19.99 for a basic version of the app, $29.99 with premium upgrades, and $39.99 at a premium upgrade.

For the $19 upgrade, you’ll get a Steam key, and you can upgrade to premium for an additional $29 to get more content.

The price increase comes at a time when VR is still in its infancy, and it’s not clear if Oculus is looking for a massive hit with the app or just a big hit with its platform.

For instance, if the app hits 500,000 installs, it would still be only one-tenth of the number of downloads of its closest competitor, Google’s Daydream VR app.

That’s a relatively small number, but a huge boost for a new app that’s not as well known as the likes of the Oculus app.

The deal has been confirmed by a Valve spokesperson, who told Kotaku the company would “be happy to support Oculus’ development.”

It’s unclear how much money Valve will be paying for this deal, but Oculus has said that it’s looking to raise $100 million over the next few years.

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