In Montana, where the first two tech giants to create technology-driven businesses were Facebook and Apple, business leaders are trying to get the tech sector back on track.

In a town that has seen two tech companies go public, Montana is in the midst of a boom in the technology sector.

It has the nation’s highest concentration of high-tech companies and its technology industry is thriving.

But in some ways, this is the wrong place to look for growth, said Marc Gershenfeld, the chief marketing officer for Montana-based marketing and brand development agency Imagine Business Development.

Instead, he said, Montanans should be looking to the East Coast, to California, where companies like Uber, Airbnb, and other startups are looking to grow and create jobs.

Gerschenfeld said that in the past few years, he’s noticed a significant shift in Montanas’ technology-focused economy.

Businesses that used to rely heavily on big data to create marketing campaigns and market to a specific demographic are starting to look to mobile apps for advertising and customer service, Gerschnifield said.

That could mean Montanases tech boom is now being driven by the technology of the next big wave of startups.

“Montana is very unique in that we are a digital economy,” he said.

“That is what we’ve been talking about.”

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