A few months ago, I had the pleasure of working with the Niagara Business and Economic Development team.

Our focus was to connect the business and development needs of the community, to ensure that we had the necessary tools to grow and prosper. 

Our work was funded by the government of Ontario. 

In our case, we focused on four major areas of growth: real estate development, the Niagara Downtown Development Authority (NDDA), the Niagara Regional Municipality (NRM) and the Niagara Community Infrastructure Trust (NICIT). 

Each of these organisations was working to create the conditions that would allow the growth of our community. 

One of the things that is critical in the development of a business or any other industry is an understanding of how the local community has grown. 

This is a very critical element in the creation of a successful community, but it is even more important in the life of a new business or industry. 

It is critical that we understand what has been happening in the Niagara community, in the area of growth and development and the local businesses that have taken root there. 

These are not easy questions to answer. 

The only way to really understand them is to study the stories of our own community.

In the Niagara region, we have a long history of the local people, communities and business.

We have a rich history of local business and industry in the community.

This history is not only the basis for the prosperity and development of our region, it is also an integral part of our identity. 

To learn more about how we can work with the local communities to develop their needs, to identify the opportunities in their local area, and to identify areas of the region that could be the next step for their development, we were lucky to have a team of experts who helped us to understand the stories and needs of our local communities. 

What is business? 

The business is defined as a business that has one or more members, or a group of members, who do the following: Own and operate a business (or a business group of businesses) (in business or in the process of being established)

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