The Premier League is a tough place to build a team.

But it’s a lot easier to do that than it is for anyone else.

There’s a sense of entitlement.

The expectation is that, when you get out there, you can win trophies.

That’s why you have the squad and the infrastructure to go all the way and win the league.

But then you have to get the right players, the right manager, the best squad and everything else.

So it’s going to be a difficult season for Leicester.

What do you expect?

It’s going be a tough season.

It’s a very difficult season, as the season goes on.

But I can tell you we’ve got a fantastic squad.

We have two new signings.

We’ve got two really solid players who’ve been on the pitch for a long time.

We also have the new squad that’s coming in.

So there are a lot of positives to take out of this season.

But we also have a lot to improve.

There are some areas of our football that we have to work on, and we’re all in this together, but I can say I don’t see any silver bullets in terms of what we can do for this season or the season after.

We need to work hard and find the right solutions.

What’s next?

We have a good squad.

They’ve got the right squad.

And the manager’s a brilliant guy.

So I think we’re well positioned for the rest of the season.

I think it’s up to the manager to find the answers and I think he’ll find a solution.

It is a difficult period, and there are going to come a lot more games.

But for the first time in my time here, I’m looking forward to playing a few games, so we’re going to see how the season plays out.

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