Business Insider: Airbnb is looking to increase its appeal to international travelers with a new ad blitz in New York City.

The campaign, dubbed “Travel with Airbnb,” is targeting hotel rooms in the city’s hottest neighborhoods with posters that feature the company’s logo and an image of the hotel room’s name.

The campaign will run through September 30, and it will feature Airbnb advertisements on local television stations, the company announced on Tuesday.

The New York ad campaign marks the latest Airbnb move to reach the city as the company tries to build its international footprint as it continues to struggle to find room for the growing number of hotel rooms it is renting in New Jersey and across the country.

The company also announced earlier this month that it would begin advertising on TV stations in cities including Washington, D.C., and Chicago, as well as in other major markets like San Francisco and Austin.

Airbnb is looking for to increase the number of international travelers it can attract to New York with the launch of the new campaign.

In a statement, Airbnb said the new advertising campaign will be “a game-changer for our NYC hotel industry.”

“It’s exciting to see Airbnb expand its reach into NYC, and we look forward to partnering with our guests to share more of their experiences, experiences that will help us build the best hotels in the world,” the company said.

The company added that Airbnb would work with hotels to help them build better rooms, which it said will help them attract more guests to their properties.

The ad campaign comes just months after the company launched its own ad campaign in New Orleans to help it attract more international travelers.

Airbnb launched its “Airbnb in New France” campaign in May 2017, targeting hotel listings in New England and Florida, where it has more than 1,000 properties.

Airbnb has expanded its presence in New Hampshire, which is home to several of its properties.

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