Business development, even from a small startup, can be a difficult thing to sell to the big players.

But a new study from The New York Times Magazine suggests it’s possible to pitch your startup to one of the world’s largest tech companies, with the help of some real-world examples.

In a piece titled “The Great Catch-22 of Startup Pitch Optimization,” writer Matt Bittman points out that startups often find it difficult to get traction when they’re trying to pitch to an entire company.

They’re told that they’re doing the wrong thing, and that it’s a waste of time and money.

So they try to make the best case they can, but the real goal is to get the attention of a few people.

It’s a Catch-21 that startups are not equipped to handle, Bittmann writes, and one that can leave them with a poor start to the pitch process.

So how do you get a startup to like you?

According to the research, the best way is to make a pitch that involves one or more examples of your business, and then ask a few of the founders and investors who have worked with you what they thought.

It seems to be a simple concept, but it’s one that’s been around for a while.

As a rule of thumb, Bits of Knowledge, a research firm that tracks pitches, says it takes a minimum of seven pitches to get a firm to consider your pitch.

The more the better.

That means that for a startup, the most important thing is that you have enough detail to convince them that you’re serious.

This kind of pitch is a good way to get people to trust you, even when you’re still trying to build something you think will be a winner.

It shows that you can craft a pitch with a few ideas in it that are worth pursuing.

And if you don’t have a compelling pitch, the process is just a bit easier.

The best way to do that is to show off a few different things about your startup and ask a couple of founders to explain the concepts behind them.

These founders should be able to answer the questions in your pitch in just a few sentences.

Then, just like you would any other pitch, you’ll tell them the specifics of your idea, including the target audience, the price point, and the length of your campaign.

And then they’ll ask you to describe why you think your idea will be of value to that audience.

That way, the founders should understand the potential value of your startup in just one sentence.

In many cases, that’s the best pitch you’ll ever get.

Bittberg’s article points out, however, that even if a startup does not consider your startup pitch a hit, it may still recommend your pitch to potential investors.

The process can take up to three to five days, so even if your pitch is not considered a hit by a VC, the chances are that it will still make the rounds.

Even if the founders are skeptical about your idea after hearing your pitch, they might still consider it.

So if you’re looking to pitch an idea to the VCs of your dreams, be sure to have a few solid examples to draw them to.

But the most valuable part of the process?

That’s what Bitteman calls the “magic of the pitch,” and he tells Mashable that it requires the right person in the right place at the right time.

It’s up to you to decide if that’s a good person to pitch with, but if you know a few entrepreneurs, you can make the pitch as you go along.

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