Business Insider is a popular online marketplace for business owners looking to expand their business, and the first thing they do is look at their portfolios of business ideas. 

One thing they’ll notice is that they’re missing some important features. 

“They’ve taken everything and made it look so complicated, that it’s very hard to make a good business,” said Jessica, a mom of two who has an Instagram account. 

They also miss the benefits of an online marketplace. 

If they can’t find an online business model that fits their needs, they can always rely on a real estate agent to help them sell their idea. 

Jessica says her business, Sara’s Beauty, is one of those businesses. 

She started her business with her mom and sister and sold online. 

In her blog, she said, “It’s not easy to start a business. 

It’s also not easy for anyone to do it right.” 

Sandra’s beauty salon was featured in the documentary “Beauty’s War,” which focuses on women in the beauty industry. 

For Jessica, the online business made her feel more confident and motivated.

“I’m a little more comfortable in my own skin,” she said. 

Sandy and Jason, who run a hair salon in Phoenix, Arizona, are looking to open their own online salon as well. 

Their idea for a business is simple: They want to take a client-facing approach to the salon. 

Jason said they’re going to hire someone to sell their products and sell their hair. 

When he started, the salon was mostly just a storefront for him and his sister. 

But now, with a new clientele, they’re thinking about starting a business and expanding into the online world. 

He said, “I would love to be able to take care of all the clients. 

I don’t think we’ve really been able to do that with the salon.”

Sandy says she thinks the online marketplace will help her be more confident in her business and ultimately bring more customers into her salon.

She said she was really surprised to see that there are so many online beauty options for women.

“People don’t understand what it’s like to have a salon or a beauty salon, and I don’t blame them,” she told Business Insider.

“The beauty industry is so small. 

The internet is a way to connect with people. 

You can go online and see other people who want to do the same thing.”

Jason and Sandy, who have been running their own salon since 2011, are happy that they now have an online presence. 

At one point, Sandy’s salon was selling hair products and hair care products and also selling salon-specific products. 

Now, she and Jason are trying to build their own website and have been selling their products online. 

 “I think the beauty market is growing in a big way and it’s a good time to do something that’s not just going to go online,” Jason said.

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