The impact of business development events on my career can be huge.

The opportunity to work closely with clients, build partnerships, and find out what matters to them and how we can best help is a valuable one.

It’s not just for business leaders.

If you’re looking to make a career change, there are some events you can attend to gain valuable insights, make new connections and learn from industry leaders. 

In this post, I’ve collected some great resources to get you started, from conferences to networking events, to business development workshops. 


The Global Leadership Conference: The Global Leadership Summit (GLCC) is a worldwide network of more than 5,000 leaders, from entrepreneurs, investors, and government leaders to celebrities and influencers.

The aim of the GLCC is to build the global community of people who share the same vision and values. 

If you want to get involved, check out this list of links to events you can attend in your area. 


Silicon Valley Business Summit: You can find a great amount of information and resources at, including a wealth of resources to help you learn how to be a better business leader. 

The SilowValleyCommunity is a forum for entrepreneurs and investors to share their experiences and ideas, and to share advice and guidance. 


Foundation for Women in Tech Summit: Foundation of Women in Technology is a global network of entrepreneurs, VCs, angel investors, angel managers, and women working in tech. 

These women share their insights and insights with women who are looking to start their own companies or have already started their own. 

It’s a great place to learn how startups work, the most common mistakes women make, and how to start a business. 


Business Development for Women Summit: The Business Dev Summit (BDS) is an event hosted by Catalyst, a global women’s economic empowerment network. 

BDS helps women, and their partners and families, create a positive and sustainable business, by giving them access to a diverse network of mentors and partners, to a community of like-minded people who will share their ideas, challenges, and knowledge. 


Sessions at the Women in the World Summit: Women in IT is a women-led conference and training ground for women to network, grow, and start their businesses. 

They also offer workshops on the most important women-focused skills for women in technology, including communication, business management, and technical leadership. 


Women in Technology Conference: WomenInTech is a women-led networking event, where women share the stories of how they were the first in their families to get into tech and have experienced it all. 


Ladies in Computing: The Women in Computing Symposium (WISC) is held annually in New York City.

This event brings together women from all over the world, and is an opportunity for them to network and to find each other. 


Nestled in the Heart of Silicon Valley: NESTL is a community event for female leaders, where they meet and discuss the challenges of leadership, women in tech, and leadership in general. 


International Women in Computer Science Conference: The International Women in Computers Conference (IWCAC) is hosted at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and is a non-profit, non-political women’s forum. 


World of Tomorrow: The World of Tomorrow is a series of events and conferences organized by the Women, Technology, and Innovation Network (WTIN).

The goal is to help empower women, build technology and knowledge, and foster a better world. 


American Leadership Summit: American Leadership Summit is a one-day conference that features keynote speakers and breakout sessions, and features the biggest names in business and government. 


Open Source Summit: Open Source Summit is the largest conference of its kind in the world.

It brings together more than 500 people from across the world for a day-long summit focused on open source. 


Diversity Summit: This event is an annual event held in partnership with the World Wide Web Consortium.

It is the biggest gathering of web developers, designers, and other people who work in the web. 


Masters in Technology Summit: Masters in Technology, a major online business education and training event, is held in conjunction with the US Chamber of Commerce, which is the industry’s largest trade association. 

15. CoCoCamp: CoCoinCamp is an online conference where people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds gather for business and technology leadership education, networking, and workshops.

This annual event attracts over 1,000 people, including industry leaders, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and others. 


Meet the Tech Leaders Summit: Meet the

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