Google and the other tech companies in the cloud computing business are making it clear they are eager to capitalize on the rising interest in cloud-based services.

And the companies are also moving into the cloud-first space in order to compete with Amazon, which is now offering a service called Amazon Web Services, or AWS.

Google, Facebook and Microsoft, in fact, are all developing products for AWS and Facebook has its own cloud computing services.

AWS has been used by Amazon for cloud computing for years and is also a leader in the enterprise cloud computing space.

Both Google and Amazon are making a push into the new software development field that involves software development, which involves building software in a number of ways.

In particular, developers can use the software to build applications for the cloud, and they can also make those applications accessible to people who don’t have access to the cloud.

Developers can also use AWS to build a website or a blog or an app that runs on the AWS platform.

Amazon has a variety of offerings for developers, including a developer dashboard and a developer tools package.

Both Amazon and Google also are looking at the possibility of launching a cloud-native platform, such as a Web service, that can run in the same server as a web site, such that developers can easily build applications on top of the platform and run those apps on a wide range of platforms.

The cloud is also the logical place for Amazon and other cloud-service providers to take their own businesses, said David Smith, an analyst with research firm CB Insights.

Amazon could sell the infrastructure, the data, and the services that developers need to build web sites and apps.

Amazon is also making a play for the services industry, which Amazon has been trying to cultivate over the past several years.

AWS is an important piece of Amazon’s infrastructure.

Amazon needs infrastructure that can power its cloud computing operations, and AWS provides that infrastructure, Smith said.

Amazon’s AWS division has a number other services that are available on AWS, including some business intelligence tools, a mobile cloud-hosting solution, a network management tool, and a messaging service.

Amazon also offers its own enterprise storage, storage for mobile devices and cloud storage.

Amazon does not sell AWS, but it does offer a suite of tools for developers to build on top that Amazon sells.

Amazon said it would be selling off its AWS assets in the second half of 2018.

The companies that will be selling the AWS assets are still to be determined.

The announcement came after a conference call with investors on Wednesday.

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