Construction for a new amusement park in the village of Lilies in the West Bank village of El-Fasher began on Tuesday with the opening of the first floor of a building that will be named after the village’s founding father, Elias Lilies.

Lilies, who was assassinated in 1915, established Lilies-El-Fasir in 1771, according to a local news report.

The village has been in the hands of the Israeli authorities since 1967, when it was annexed by Israel.

Construction of the park began on Wednesday, with construction to finish in early 2018.

The site will be used as an entertainment center for the amusement park, with seating for 250 people and a large plaza and water fountain.

The park will be located on the edge of the village.

The area around Lilies was settled in the 19th century by Jewish settlers, who later turned the area into a settlement.

El- Fasher was a large settlement, with some 300,000 residents.

The El-Kashr El-Gadir settlement, built by Jewish refugees from the nearby village of Tulkarem, is located about 25 kilometers (15 miles) away.

It was demolished in the early 20th century, but remains in the city.

The building at the entrance to Lilies, where the park will take place, was built in 1924 and opened to the public in 1948, when Lilies became the first village to offer a Jewish school.

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