Alabama business and technology development company Adala Solutions has partnered with a Birmingham-based company to build a small, high-tech, solar power plant in Alabama.

The Adala Solar project is part of a larger $60 million investment in the state by Adala Energy, an Alabama-based energy company.

Adala Energy has partnered up with Adala Technology, a Birmingham company, to provide solar energy and a manufacturing facility.

The two companies have partnered to develop a prototype solar power project in Alabama that will use an advanced design of photovoltaic panels.

The solar power company is building a 5,000-watt solar farm at the intersection of Hwy.

18 and South Montgomery Avenue.

Adala Power is planning to produce solar energy for more than 150 homes in the area.

The energy company says it is the first solar energy project in the U.S. to be manufactured at a local plant.

The plant will generate energy through two types of solar energy: thermal energy and photovolcanic energy.

The project is expected to produce 1.5 million kilowatt-hours of solar power per year, Adala said.

The company is also partnering with an Alabama business incubator, the Alabama Entrepreneurship Council, to develop technology to provide training for solar energy industry professionals.

Adalas Solar plant will be built at the corner of Houghton Avenue and South Alabama Avenue.

The Solar Energy Development Association, which promotes solar energy, announced Adala’s solar power facility.

Adalas, which was founded in 2009, is located in Birmingham.

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