Business development is in the air, and there are many apps and services that can help you do it.

But it’s an uphill battle.

Akshay’s Vacause, a new app by the former India head of the US venture capital firm Sequoia Capital, aims to tackle this problem.

The app, which launched in India on Tuesday, is not a new idea.

The company launched its first app in 2015, called Valken, which was also developed in partnership with Sequoias VC partners.

It had also raised a seed round of $3.3 million from Sequoiya Capital.

However, it has not received any funding from Sequos VC since, in 2016.

Valkens app, however, does have the support of Sequoius.

In a tweet on Wednesday, Sequoians chief marketing officer Vikas Sharma tweeted that Sequoian Ventures has also backed Vacause.

Sequoios venture capital fund also participated in the company.

In a post on Facebook, Sequos Chief Investment Officer Rajiv Sharma said Sequoium Ventures has supported Valkena for the past two years and has invested in the startup in the last two years.

Valken is not the only new app to make its way into the market, and it is unlikely that Vacasa will catch on.

The only other Indian app that has gone public is Kuru, which is an app that helps Indian companies to build and manage a social network.

It was developed by Sequoio, which has also invested in several startups.

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