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This article tagged business development article,business news,business source Politico Title The business development industry has a lot of growth ahead of it article The next generation of business development professionals is expected to see an increase in growth, and more people in the field, as they enter the workforce, according to a recent report by McKinsey & Co. and CareerBuilder.

The report found that the industry is forecast to grow by 11.6% in the next five years, with the majority of growth coming from the IT and finance sector, which will see a 7.5% increase in jobs.

The most anticipated growth areas for the industry are healthcare, financial services, media and entertainment, and education and technology.

The McKinsey report, titled “The Next Generation of Businesses,” also found that while the tech industry’s growth is expected “to slow significantly over the next several years, the healthcare industry will see an uptick in growth as its population expands, with healthcare accounting for nearly a quarter of total jobs in the U.S. healthcare industry.”

The report said the IT industry will grow by 2.6%, with the finance and media sector growing by 4.2%.

The report also pointed out that the entertainment and media industry will account for a whopping 23% of jobs, with banking, finance, insurance and real estate accounting for a combined 22.5%.

The McKinseys report said that the IT, financial and real property industries will grow at a slower rate than the finance, healthcare and media industries, which account for 18.4% of the jobs in these industries.

While this may not be an entirely accurate depiction of the next generation’s future, McKinsey says that the sectors that are predicted to grow the fastest are healthcare and real-estate.

Healthcare is expected grow by 9.9%, while real-property is expected expand by 7.6%.

While healthcare, real-space and finance sectors will grow fastest, the report also says that healthcare is expected rise by more than 50% by 2025.

The report did note that the financial services industry will be growing at a much faster rate than healthcare, while the real-tech sector will see its growth slow down, as its jobs will be mostly in finance, health care and real space.

According to the report, the industry’s total jobs will increase by 8.6 million jobs between 2020 and 2025.

McKinsey predicts that the total number of jobs will jump by 4 million in 2024, while healthcare and the real space sector will both be up by 7 million jobs.

This is the third installment of our Business Development book review series.

The first two are on the banking and finance industry.

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